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The Inspiration Behind the "Drop of The Ocean" Collection

Hello Ocean Lovers,

Today, I want to share a story - a story that’s as deep and vast as the ocean itself. It’s about my newest collection, "Drop of The Ocean", and the profound inspiration drawn from the very heart of our planet’s waters.

My Love Affair with Water

Water has always mesmerised me. Its fluid motion, the life it sustains, its cleansing power, and even its ability to overpower and reshape lives and landscapes - it all holds a special place in my heart. This connection isn’t just about the physical presence of water but its symbolic significance across cultures and mythologies.

I still vividly remember my first encounter with the ocean at the age of six. It was unlike anything I had ever experienced. The vastness, the sound of waves, the bubbles, and the ever-changing spectrum of blues - it was overwhelming and utterly beautiful.

Growing up in the Czech Republic, a landlocked country, the closest sea was in Croatia. Those childhood trips with my family were magical and have left an unforgettable mark on my soul.

A Dream Realised in Newquay

Fast forward to fourteen years ago when I moved to Newquay and found myself living on the edge of this magnificent body of water. Every day, the ocean’s different moods and colours provided endless inspiration. As a jeweller, I felt compelled to somehow capture this essence and share it with those who might not have the ocean at their doorstep.

Capturing the Ocean’s Essence

That being so, the idea for the "Drop of The Ocean" collection was born. I wanted to create something that not only symbolised the ocean but also carried its essence. To achieve this, I chose blue topaz in various shades - each reflecting a unique aspect of the ocean. The vibrant Swiss blue topaz mirrors the lively, spirited waters of summer, while the dark blue London topaz resonates with the profound depths and mystery of winter seas.

Each gem is set in a delicate gold cage, designed to showcase the stone’s beauty from all angles. This setting is symbolic too, reminding us of how precious our natural resources are and how delicately they must be handled.

We Are All Drops in the Ocean

My vision for this collection goes beyond aesthetics. It's about connection and the reminder that, just like individual drops in the ocean, we are part of something much larger than ourselves. Each necklace is a talisman, a reminder to pause, reflect, and see the world from a broader perspective.

In creating the "Drop of The Ocean" collection, I hope to bring a piece of the ocean’s soul to those who wear these pieces. Whether you live near the sea or dream of it from afar, these creations are a reminder of the beauty and power of our natural world.

Thank you for allowing me to share this journey with you. Each piece crafted brings me closer to the ocean, and I hope it does the same for you.

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