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A Journey of Passion: From Hobby to Artisan Jewellery

Hello everyone,

Let me share with you how my life took a beautiful turn and led me to where I am today - crafting jewellery, inspired by the ocean, for you at Booblinka Jewellery.

It all started quite simply. I loved making beaded jewellery for my friends and family. Never thought this hobby could be my day job. You see, back in Czech, where I'm from, being "artistic" meant you had to be great at drawing. And me? Well, I was told I was not cut out for it.

But then, life brought me to the UK. And something amazing happened here—I was encouraged to do what makes me happy. And what made me happy? Jewellery and searching local beaches for treasures, be close to the ocean.

The real push came from a casual chat about a unique set of stacking rings a colleague wore. I was mesmerised. When she said she made them herself, I was shocked. She mentioned a course, and guess what? The very same day, I found a leaflet for it in my letterbox. It felt like fate.

I signed up without a second thought. That course lit a spark in me. My husband saw this passion in my eyes and got me my first set of tools and made me a bench at home. I dove headfirst into this new world, signing up for more courses, even as life threw its challenges my way.

Then, motherhood came, and my learning shifted to late nights with online videos and forums. But then, COVID hit, and the silver lining was that the London Jewellery School went online. This was my chance, and I grabbed it with both hands.

My dedication paid off. I got a call from Jessica Rose, the owner, inviting me to be part of a secret project, the Jewellers Retreat. That moment, that call, changed everything for me. It boosted my confidence, and I began calling myself a jeweller, not just a hobbyist.

Now, after completing my courses with distinction and setting up my own business at Booblinka Jewellery, I look back and think: everything truly happens for a reason. I'm here to create bespoke jewellery that brings joy to your life, inspired by the beauty of the ocean and the strength we all carry within us.

Thank you for letting me share my story with you. It's not just about jewellery; it's about following your passion, no matter where you start.

With love and a splash of sea sparkle,

Marketa 🌊✨



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