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Rectangle Green Sea Glass Silver Bangle - Coastal Charms

Rectangle Green Sea Glass Silver Bangle - Coastal Charms

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Coastal Charms: Rectangle Green Sea Glass Silver Bangle — Your Personal Keepsake from the Ocean

🌊 An Ode to the Ocean

Immerse yourself in the tranquil beauty of the coast with Coastal Charms, a handcrafted silver bangle featuring a genuine piece of Cornish sea glass. Meticulously designed, this exquisite piece serves as a wearable treasure chest, holding the serenity and majesty of the ocean within its frame.

💚 The Allure of Green Sea Glass

At the heart of this bangle lies a rectangle of green sea glass, reminiscent of the ever-changing hues of the ocean. This authentic Cornish sea glass has been naturally tumbled and smoothed by the ocean waves, capturing the very essence of the sea in its colours and textures.

Silver Granules: Little Moments of Light

Accented with delicate silver granules, the bangle mirrors the glinting rays of sunlight that dance upon the ocean’s surface. These silver granules add a dash of elegance and texture, making the piece an eye-catching accessory, perfect for ocean enthusiasts.

🌿 Sustainability and Elegance Combined

The bangle arrives in a box produced through sustainable methods, adorned with our signature logo. To help you maintain the lustre of your precious keepsake, a complimentary polishing cloth is also included.

🌟 Specifications

  • Material: Sterling Silver, Cornish Sea Glass
  • Size: 7 1/2 inches in diameter

💌 From Cornwall with Love

Handmade with passion in the heart of Cornwall, this bangle is more than just a piece of jewellery; it’s a slice of coastal life that you can carry with you, wherever you may roam. Whether you gift it or keep it for yourself, it serves as a cherished keepsake, an eternal reminder of the coastline's magic.

Shop now and make the Coastal Charms: Rectangle Green Sea Glass Silver Bangle from Booblinka Jewellery a part of your life today!


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