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About Marketa Garne

Marketa Garne ethically designs and makes all of the pieces to a high standard at Booblinka Jewellery from her studio in Newquay, Cornwall.

Creating sustainable and eco-friendly jewellery is Marketa's passion. And, each unique piece is inspired by the Cornish coastline and Marketa's love of the ocean and bubbles.

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Ocean bubbles in the sea inspire jewellery designer Marketa

What does Booblinka mean?

The name Booblinka is Czech meaning ‘tiny bubble’.

“I love water, and I love watching the tiny bubbles rise to the surface. I enjoy that moment of peace when you dive under the water, those few seconds of just me and my thoughts and all those tiny bubbles. The water and the ocean inspire me everyday and the name felt like a good representation of that whilst connecting me and my work to my Czech heritage.”

Marketa Garne, Founder, Designer, Maker.

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