About Me


Hi, I'm Marketa,

A jeweller from the lovely town of Newquay in Cornwall. My jewellery is a reflection of three things I adore – the enchanting Cornish coast, the mighty Atlantic ocean and the fascinating world of bubbles. Their perfect shapes and playful nature not only inspire me but also bring a unique twist to each design.

Born in the Czech Republic, I moved to Cornwall in 2010 for a summer adventure, but fate had other plans. I fell in love with the wild coast and Atlantic ocean. And that wasn’t the only thing that I fell in love with that summer. I met a man who was soon to become my husband. After the birth of our beautiful daughter, I felt inspired to follow my dreams of turning my passion for design and jewellery making into a fully fledged business. Working every spare moment I could find in my studio, my vision started to become a reality. 

My fascination with jewellery began in childhood, weaving beaded creations for those dear to me. Encouraged by my family, fellow artists and local courses, I completed distinguished studies at Truro College and the London Jewellery School, turning a passion into my very own business.

Marketa with child on the beach

As a mother and an artist, I balance my life with the belief that beautiful things take time to create, much like nature's own creations. Each piece of jewellery I make is a testament to this belief.

I'm passionate about creating jewellery responsibly, using ethically sourced materials and incorporating recycled elements like sea glass from our local beaches. It's my way of giving back to nature, which constantly inspires me.

Every design I create blends simplicity and complexity, featuring gold, sterling silver, precious stones, and the magic of sea glass, collected right from Newquay's beaches, often with my daughter beside me.

In my Newquay workshop, every piece of jewellery is made with care and attention. Being registered with the London Assay Office, I ensure the finest quality in all the materials I use. It's about crafting something that's not just beautiful to wear but also holds a piece of Cornwall's soul and the joy of bubbles.



Marketa in her Newquay Jewellery Design Studio



Every piece of jewellery I make is a celebration of the beauty around us and a tribute to the things I hold dear – the Cornish coast, the playful bubbles, Atlantic ocean and the stories they tell. Feel free to explore my work and share in the beauty of these inspirations.

Feel free to explore my work, and let's share the beauty of the Cornish coast together.